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Good Times 1217

Featured in Good Times Magazine Issue 1217 -- This issue focuses on Big nights, big fights: Get out there and feel the excitement with huge area events, including Triton MMA, a night of LI talent featuring Sal Valentinetti, comedy legend Andrew Dice Clay, and more ... Plus: national music news, sports, a huge culinary event, and much, much more.

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Mo Vaughn- Still The MVP

Mo Vaughn does not mind walking anymore, so long as it is down the runway showcasing clothes from his new fashion line, MVP Collection. The former Major League Baseball MVP saw a need for fashionable, affordable menswear designed for big and tall men.

Vaughn says his baseball career afforded him the capital to hire stylists and have suits made for him, yet most men do not have that luxury. Consequently, he witnessed a demand for high quality, affordable lifestyle clothing for men like him. His business partner and current teammate Diane Cutuli said that Mo “made it clear that he wanted to wear the popular lifestyle brands.” However, the clothes did not fit.

The henley t-shirts, indigo button-down oxford shirt, and denim all reflect the clothes that are on trend for the 21st-century man. The clothes are smart, well-designed and made with high-quality fabrics. Plus, the entire line is manufactured in the United States of America.  

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What really constitutes a plus-size male model? The answer, it turns out, is far from clear.

Online retailer ASOS recently made history by being the first online store aimed at young people with its very own plus-size division for men. 

Online, you can find dress shirts and bomber jackets and T-shirts all up to a size XXXXL. For plus-size men, it's a major step towards fashion recognizing them as consumers. 

Still though, a question remains looming over plus-size male modeling: What constitutes and really defines a plus-size male model? 

It's a question that was answered for plus-size female models early on. Plus-size clothing starts at a size 12 or 14, so those models did for the most part, too. But while plus-size female models and women's clothes remain boxed in by this size minimum, plus-size male models (and plus-size clothing targeted at men) don't have a standardized size minimum — or really any definition at all. 

As a result, it's up to the clothing companies and modeling agencies to figure that out on their own, and as we quickly learned through various interviews, a number that remains elusive in its exactness.

Over at ASOS, the sizes for the plus-size men's section goes up to 4XL with it's pants sizes beginning at a 44-inch waist, so that means men who are that size or over are definitely plus-size. Over at the plus-size brand MVP Collections, clothing comes in sizes up to 6XL and jeans come in sizes 38 to 50. Over at the big and tall brand Oublier, shirts and pants go up to a 5XL. 

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Featured on Chubby Guy Swag

Chubby Guy Swag was founded by bodyposi activist and DJ/Producer, zacheser, in 2010.

It was crafted as a safe space for plus-size men to include them in the conversation on body positivity and fat acceptance; to promote body diversity and body positivity amongst men who don't fit our culture's mold of the "ideal" body type. Since its inception, Chubby Guy Swag has been featured on Bustle, MTV, BBC News.


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2016 was THE year when big and tall men were finally noticed within the fashion industry.

Quite a few brands launched in 2016 and offered these men trendy, stylish clothing while paying attention to fit, which is a struggle for plus size men when shopping.

One of those brands is MVP Collections. The recently launched company is the first menswear collection from three-time All Star and baseball MVP, Mo Vaughn and Managing Partner Diane Cutuli.

The brand caters specifically to big and tall men looking for trendy clothing options that are both stylish and affordable. With Valentine’s Day in less than a month, MVP Collections is a great brand to check out for gifts for him or a date night look for him to wear on that special day.

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