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Mo Vaughn- Still The MVP

Mo Vaughn does not mind walking anymore, so long as it is down the runway showcasing clothes from his new fashion line, MVP Collection. The former Major League Baseball MVP saw a need for fashionable, affordable menswear designed for big and tall men.

Vaughn says his baseball career afforded him the capital to hire stylists and have suits made for him, yet most men do not have that luxury. Consequently, he witnessed a demand for high quality, affordable lifestyle clothing for men like him. His business partner and current teammate Diane Cutuli said that Mo “made it clear that he wanted to wear the popular lifestyle brands.” However, the clothes did not fit.

The henley t-shirts, indigo button-down oxford shirt, and denim all reflect the clothes that are on trend for the 21st-century man. The clothes are smart, well-designed and made with high-quality fabrics. Plus, the entire line is manufactured in the United States of America.  

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