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Top 10 Brands The Big & Tall Man In Your Life Would Love!

By Kirk of XL Tribe

Body positivity and fashion sense are not just for the ladies, the fellas are out here killing the game, too. Men have been craving new colors, patterns and silhouettes to diversity their wardrobes and the designers have started to respond. So, we wanted to provide all of you Curvy Fashionistas with a comprehensive list of brands we felt the Big & Tall man in your life would love to have! So here goes…

MVP Collections

MVP Collections came out the gate swinging and they land every time. I had the pleasure of meeting the team over at MVP personally and I can tell you they get it. They understand the needs of the Big & Tall man and they are supplying those needs. MVP has two secret weapons on their team, first, they are made in America.  That helps them crank out clothes in a shorter time span. Second is Diane, Brenda & Mo Vaughn. They are like the steam engines behind the brand. Head over to to get the latest Big & Tall fashions.

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