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Mo Vaughn Is Back With A New Clothing Line & Great Old Baseball Stories

Mo Vaughn hit 33 or more home runs in six seasons during his 12-year MLB career that included the MVP award in 1995. He also had a 33 homer season back in his Little League days when he was just crushing the ball all over the park on poor souls who were facing a kid who would eventually hit 328 career homers and finish up with a .293 AVG.

Haven’t heard from Mo Vaughn in years? That’s because the guy has been busy minding his own business, including running a housing company and a trucking business outside Cleveland. Now he’s making a semi-public comeback with his MVP Collections, a clothing line for bigger guys who want clothes that are stylish and don’t look like they came from one of those dumpy big & tall stores.

Mo, 48, stopped by the Milk The Clock podcast this week to talk about his clothes and tell some old baseball stories.

Listen to the interview:

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