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Fashion Rule Breakers: This Brand Is Paying Attention To A Category Most Others Are Ignoring — Plus-Size Men

Men have largely been left out of the body positivity movement.

Fashion Rule Breakers is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we profile a fashion designer, model, organization, or icon who is a fashion rule breaker — someone who acts outside mainstream industry standards to make a positive difference.

Women labeled as plus-size have landed the coveted covers of magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, and even Sport Illustrated's swimsuit issue, and have become ambassadors for major campaigns. At this year's New York Fashion Week (NYFW), more plus-size female models walked the runway styled among straight-size models. But while models such as Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence have become household names, most would be hard-pressed to think of a single plus-size male model. 

That's because these men, also called "big and tall" or "brawn," have largely been left out of the conversation when it comes to body positivity. While more and more brands in the fashion industry are working to become inclusive for plus-size women, few have considered adding clothing for plus-size men to their collections. But the truth is that many of these men are fed up with the boxy, old fashioned clothes on the rack. They want to wear quality clothes that make them look and feel great. They want the option to purchase outfits that reflect their style and personality instead of just outdated basics. 

MVP Collections, a new brand that offers plus-size men trend-driven fashion, may just be the answer they've been looking for. 

By creating a place for plus-size men to shop for stylish clothing, MVP Collections co-founders Mo Vaughn and Diane Cutuli are being fashion rule breakers.
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